You know how it is, somebody you know mentions a band and you make a subconscious note to check them out,not quite sure whether the are going to be over-hyped or not. It was a pleasant surprise then to find that Screama Ballerina completely exceeded my expectations. Not since I clapped eyes on the Vipersuzas had I got this excited about a "punk" band. Their energy live is nuclear.

They are fronted by the exuberant Charlie O'Connor, whose onstage persona is so similar to Poly Styrenes' its eerie. Teenage hearthrob Richie Jay thrashes out tight cord changes on guitar. Swarthy cavelero Ciaran McAvoy pumps out the bass lines ,with the lithesome Ben Miller on drums, completing the tighter than tight rhythm section. Check em out on facebook but for the real deal go check em out live, they are sure to be playing a town near you soon.

Screama Ballerina on Facebook

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