Originally formed in 1987 as an umbrella title for recordings by Tim Simenon, Bomb The Bass are still in existance.Stronger than ever.

In 2008 ,after a ten year hiatus, Bomb the Bass finally came up with a new release in the shape of Future Chaos. A nine track album with Paul Conboy as a mainstay, it also featured other guest artists such as Mark Lanegan & Fujiya & Miyagi

Last March saw the release of the follow up Back to Light. It sees Simenon and Conboy maintain the form that they achieved on Future Chaos and is equally as sublime.

A free mp3 is available through the Bomb The Bass website. It will give you a taste of the new material if you havent already heard it. Alternatively acquire the Cds which are neatly packaged with quirky well executed artwork.

Bomb The Bass Microsite

Bomb The Bass Bio

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