They make a lot of noise. One hell of a din. A right bloody racket. It’s hard to believe there are just the two of them in The Vipersuzas.

Their names are Jim and Biff. Jim sings and plays guitar, Biff batters the drums and shouts. Jim is a scruffy, skinny, beardy bloke with a rural twang and an obsession with Neil Young. Biff is a broad shouldered, big voiced, perpetually grinning B-boy turned rock freak and the closest thing you’ll probably come to meeting a living and breathing Pixar character. The pair hail from Arse End, the county town of Nowhere, a place that’s like a scene from a Shane Meadows movie. No surprise then when Jim later declares “I’m a Chav gone wrong”

The Vipersuzas didn’t mean to be a two-piece group. They lost their bassist two years ago and haven’t got round to replacing him yet. They don’t need a bassist anyway, not with Jim using a Y-splitter to run his guitar through a guitar amp and a bass amp at the same time. It’s meant he has pretty much had to learn how to play again – forget regular tuning, forget regular chords – but to Jim that’s just all part of the fun. Add in Biff’s dirty grooves and thundering rolls and the result is something edging close to unique. When they perform live, there’s a feeling that the songs could end up anywhere.

Their sound is both angular and swampy. It is rarely controlled, but always fierce. They have a recognisable pop sensibility too, though. The Vipersuzas’ songs are stuffed with hooks and their lyrics are sharp, relating some mighty strange tales. “Even The Gods” brings the mythological powers of ancient times into the 21st Century, “Story Of A Cut Throat Queen” is a bloodthirsty love story, and “Tongue And Groove” has at least two possible interpretations. Biff calls it “a DIY classic – we’re hoping for sponsorship from B&Q”, but Jim insists it’s about sex. “And I’m not a sexy person,” he says. “I’m a man with a cap and a beard.”

Ask the Vipersuzas about their influences and inspirations and they’ll talk about Husker Du, Cable, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Ramones, Tad, Magazine and Public Enemy. They’ll talk about electro and dance music. Oh, and Neil Young. They’ll also talk about films – don’t get them started on Event Horizon – and folk tales. Jim is convinced there’s a giant living on the other side of every hill. Ask them about their intentions and ambitions and they will speak of energy and excitement and honesty. While there’s much about this pair that’s unconventional, they are straight up guys. It’s there in every word, every riff, every thump.

The Vipersuzas will be blasting from a set of speakers near you soon. And if you manage to catch them live, see how long it takes you to start wondering where the other members of the group are hiding.


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